A crocus in the snow

I have found myself reflecting lately the image of crocuses in the snow. Crocuses are amongst the first flower to bloom each year. They flower in spite of the cold and the snow, in spite of the biting wind and the icy frost. They are there, in vibrant yellows and purples in defiance of the surrounding wintery weather. They are there in the midst of all the trappings of winter, telling us that spring is coming, telling us soon everything will be new again, even when everything else in the world tells us otherwise.

In the midst of all that is happening around us, we the Church, are invited to be like the belligerent little crocus popping up in the snow. Joining with God in his mission, through simple words and acts of grace, we are invited to be Church to one another and the wider world; we are invited to bear witness to the good news of resurrection, even when everything around us may seem cold and dark. In spite of all that may be going on around us, let’s join with God this week, as we seek to be like the little crocuses in the snow!

Thank you to those of who have been in touch since Edward shared the news of my being furloughed earlier in the week. I appreciate that this news was unexpected, as indeed it was for me. I will be working closely with Edward and our wonderful Churchwardens, John and Jacquie, as we put a plan in place to support the ministry of our church family, and we will be sharing more information about this over the coming weeks.  As always, I am praying for each of you at this time, and I am available for a listening ear, prayer or a pastoral conversation.

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